Hoffman Engineers, P.C.
"Global Commitment With A Main Street Attitude"


Hoffman Engineers, P.C. (P.S.C.) was founded in 1978.        

Our goal is to provide multidisciplinary engineering design and inspection services to commercial and industrial clients.  We practice primarily in the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering.  Secondary area of interest are in the environmental, fire protection, health services, military, historic rehabilitation, real estate, and architectural engineering fields.

We are registered in 38 states.

In the mechanical engineering field we have been the responsible designer for facilities of up to 4,800 tons of air-conditioning; of up to 3,000 hp boiler systems; of up to 600 hp pumping facilities; and of up to 250,000 cfm ventilation systems.

In the electrical engineering field, we have been the responsible designer for facilities of up to 15 kv primary loop for a college campus; up to a 3,000 amp main service for a factory and a cogeneration plant of 900 hp.

In the structural engineering field we have been the responsible designer for facilities of up to 60,000 bleacher seats - both permanent and temporary; of trusses of up to 265 feet in length.

In the civil engineering field we have been responsible for subdivisions of up to 200 lots, to include sewer, water, electrical, telephone, cable, and drainage; dams of up to 1,500 ft. in length with water retention of 1.200 acres feet; a multitude of roads; bridges of steel and concrete of up to 120 feet; a piling system that covered over four acres; and a wetland remediation of 120 acres.

In the minor fields, projects have ranged from a sprinkler system for a factory of 7 acres; clean-up of a construction/demolition landfill, installation of 20 MRI/CAT scan rooms, and three nuclear medical accelerators for oncology, two top-secret crypto rooms for the military, reconstruction of approximately 50 historic buildings, and design inspection of over 200 commercial and industrial buildings.

Signature projects have included mechanical and electrical design for the swimming pool on the Sands Convention Center in Singapore, and four and half story condominium addition on top of an existing four story historic structure in downtown Indianapolis.